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Palm ,Cycad and Plants Seeds Ready Now

The following seeds are just ready, smelling fresh and mature.

1. Cycas debaoensis, 

2. Cycas micholitzii, 

3. Cycas changjiangensis, 
4. Cycas hainanensis, 
1. Trachycarpus princeps, 
2. Trachycarpus  Nova, 
3. Trachycarpus fortunei Tesan (bit of later), 
4.  Licuala dasyantha,
5. Licuala hainanensis,
6. Chuniophoenix  hainanensis
7. Rhapis humilis,
8. Rhapis excelsa
1. Cinnamomum camphora
2. Lagerstroemia indica
3. Nandina domestica
4. Hovenia dulcis
5. Poncirus trifoliata
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