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Trachycarpus fortunei Winsan seeds are unknown and what makes them special is that they have full round leave with segments making a full round shape as compared to the 1/2 or 3/4 shape seen in other species. The first and second photos show the look of T.fortunei cv Winsan as compared to the third one of T.fortunei cv Chusan..

Winsan is just a variegated form of Trachycarpus.We tentatively picked the seeds for the first time in 2008 in a forest park after searching for years as we believe the round leaves is also a variegated feature of trachcyarpus like the small leaves of waggy.

Though so far most of the offspring from the mother palms with 100% round leaves in full sun have not yet demonstrated this feature possibly due to the interference of other trachycarpus nearby, they are to our biggest surprise growing as fast as T.Nova with all parts larger than T.fortunei , weirdly varying ridge on first strap leaf ranging from 3,4 5 and 6 , as well as possibly with evenly split leaves on less than 2 years old seedlings .None of these features are ever seen in normal T.fortunei.

After checking back our old photos of other Trachycarpus near Mother Winsan, I also found that it shared the same clean seed arrangement on the branch with pendulous strings of seeds hanging down as opposed to the tightly bunched seed arrangement of T.fortunei. Plus, the seedlings grown from the palms nearby also demonstrate the faster growth rate with all parts larger and longer than those of T.fortunei. So Winsan with round leaves and its neighboring Trachycarpus with semicircular leaves are of the same variety,NOT T.fortunei.

The following are the features Winsan have.

1.Uniqe Fruits arrangement
Winsan's main fruiting branch normally has the second round of bifurcations with pendulous strings of seeds hanging down and so the sub-branches are nicely arranged, easy to tell apart from each other whereas Fortunei has the third or fourth round of bifurcations with tightly bunched seed arrangement ,hard to see clearly a single sub-branch as numerous sub-branches are Staggered.
It makes me think if the relatively simple branching is the very primitive type of trachycarpus in its genus as no wild primitive Trachycarpus has been been reported to exist before.Such unique fruiting branch arrangement is worth a study.

2.Fast Growth
Based on hundreds of seedlings grown in the field and pot,we noticed that Winsan are growing twice as fast as Fortunei(Say  Tesan form).
1 year old seedlings normally have over 20-30cm long strap leaves as opposed to its counterparts’10-15cm length at the same age.2 year old Winsan seedlings are 15-20cm trunk and average 30cm leaf length in contrast with 5-8cm trunk and around 20cm leaf length of Fortunei.
This observation is based on by hundreds of seedlings growing in the field and pot as well as results by other growers like Cyriak from France who sent me his growth development.Thank you Cyriak very much as well.

3. Weird Ridge number
Apart from 4 ridges as Fortunei shows , Winsan also displays 3 or 5 or 6 ridges on its first strap leaf no other trachycarpus have .

4. Special Leaf Shape
Circular leaves is probably a variegated feature of trachycarpus like small leaves of wagnerianus.
Mother Winsan have 100% round leaves even under sunny location which Fortunei dont present in this case.Though the offspring have not yet showed the same feature probably due to the interference of other Trachycarpus nearby (most likely the same variety as it has shown so far, but not as variegated as mother Winsan with round leaves), Winsan seedlings demonstrate quite unique leaf shape not seen in Fortunei.
As it is known to all, Fortunei normally only have wide and irregularly split seedling leaves.
By comparison, evenly split leaves also occur to some Winsan seedlings while most Winsan have either form or both forms of irregularly split seedlings leaves.( 1.all segments being wide and irregularly split; 2.most segments being narrowly and evenly split and several wider segments coming anywhere in between ) as well as evenly split leaves.

Many thanks to Cyriak's contribution of his own growing experiences in France and also big thanks to Nigel , Marc ,and Jim just to name a few for their  insight into some of the above features which helps us have a clearer picture of this interesting variety.

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