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Trachycarpus fortune , in a scientific sense,is a general name for all its sub-species including Trachycarpus fortune cv Chusan, T.fortunei Tesan,(hardier, stout  and compact trachycarpus) Trachycaprus fortune var Winsan( (round leaves ,larger parts ,unique seed branch arrangement and faster growing ), Trachycarpus fortunei cv Misan (small and cute) etc. When people normally talk about Trachycarpus fortune, it refers to the most common T.fortunei cv Chusan which was first collected from Chusan island by Robert Fortunei two centueries ago.
Trachycarpus fortune is native to China with a cultivation history of thousands of years and right now is commonly seen around the word. When it comes to the cultivation practice in China it has several categories or sub-species according to the trunk, leave and hair, cold hardiness serving different functions and uses. There have been existing in the Chinese civil field of palm growth with the farmers across the country several T.fortunei cultivars ,such as Tesan, Winsan, Misan
Hasan (stout and small leave)  , etc.
Trachycarpus fortunei is one of the most popular cold hardy palms. What makes it distinct from other palms is its incredible resistance to cold . It prefers cooler and temperate areas, and although it will grow in the sub-tropics, it will struggle in the tropics. It likes full sun, and moist well drained soil. the seedlings are  growers with normal speed. A medium sized fan palm is easy to grow.

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