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Trachycarpus fortune cv Tesan rarely seen in the market is a relatively new cultivar of T.fortunei , famous for its cold hardiness -20C. Fat and relatively short trunk, compacted , big ,thick and green leave with a blunt tip.The seeds are white dark blue, the biggest of all trachycarpus with much white wax all over the outer skin making it different from others .The seedling is growing moderately with comparatively broader leaves and has stronger life and easy to grow. The hair on the trunk is thicker than other its couterparts  and plus with fatter trunk and compact nice shorter leaves than its counterpart. What is special is it stands-20C based on the cultivation experiment decades ago. But the palms are quite scarcely available as Tesan is a newly found species and the cultivation costs are high and many foreign palms came to China greatly affecting the local palm sales and few will take the challenge to culitvate them.The only adult palms in China are what were cultivated decades ago in the branch , some of which were bought by a Spanish customer.

Warning: There are some companies claiming that they are selling Tesan palm or seeds. Most are fake like the so called Trachycarpus princeps -green story. We are the first one to introduce this species abroad and the only company we sell Tesan to is from Spain and their palms are sold to Austria. No second company in China has dealt in adult Tesan as the only available ones were cultivated years ago in the experimental field .But if you cannot find them on their website ever, how do you expect them to know what Tesan is and  sell the real Tesan palms  Some foreign customers even believe the seeds from Beijing is real Tesan seeds with no idea that Tesan seeds are not produced in Beijing and the only several adult palms there did not produce seeds untill last year and nobody knows where it exactly is after our cold hardiness experiment  years ago. Plus palms from South China are being transported to North China as the climate is getting warmer year by year , thus creating a confusion and misunderstanding that palms from the north are growing locally and must be Tesan.  So growers need to be careful of such tricks due to the above misunderstanding.


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